You are looking for referrals for you site PTC…. Then you’re in the right place.

Hi, I’m Fernando and a few words will explain how to get free direct referrals for  Clixsense, Silverclix, EarnEarn, Neobux, Probux, And any other site for which you want to get free direct referrals.          

How to get referrals? Surely be thinking we used many programs, it will be complicated, difficult to understand and many other things that happen when we try to get references and/or make money online: Is wrong, here I present you a place to get references for any site while you make money online, the site is as follows:

                     PTC Referrals


What is PTCReferrals?

PTCReferrals is a page where you’ll find plenty of guides (strategies, co-ops) that will help you make a profit while getting free referrals for your favorite sites.   Here are some examples:

Clixsense Strategy        Neobux Strategy


Silverclix Strategy     clixsense_gpt150x150a    Probux Strategy

  Referral Banners

EarnEarn Strategy     bannerGoldenclix150x150    Twickerz Strategy 


 Clixbox Strategy             Clixten Strategy 

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PtcSolution Guide      banner-new2     Goldenclix  Guide


  How it works?

Operation is simple and easy to understand, you can click on any link to access PTCReferrals, once you are in PTCReferrals must register. When you are registered you need to choose your program and register your user name for this program, when you have done this (you can join as many programs as you want) and you’re ready to start earning daily passes (these passes are what allow us to show our username on each guide we choose).  To start earning simply click “START EARNING!”, here are two options,  the first we gives”passes” directly: 100% = 1 day pass, and the second got “PC $” that serves to buy passes annual, lifetime, reference,  or request a payment.

I hope will be useful and can take this form of benefit sharing links and links that others share in your name, any questions please contact with me and I will help in any way possible. I apologize for any error in writing because English is not my native language, if you want to make any corrections, please contact and send your corrections or suggestions.

Greetings and success. Fernando.

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